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Shawls of Compassion

Shawls of Compassion is a ministry of the Church where we pray for each other and make gifts to show our compassion. This ministry is acknowledged and supported by the parish pastoral council.

These shawls are prepared in an atmosphere of prayer and thoughts for the prospective recipients known or unknown. The volunteers and the shawls are blessed at a weekend mass before they are handed out.

All shawls given out are accompanied by a card including a prayer and general information. Shawls are requested / given for various reasons such as a sudden death of a loved one, a difficult diagnosis like cancer, the loss of a child or fetus, for a difficult situation in life, undergoing a medical procedure like surgery etc. The shawls are never up for sale.

Volunteers and recipients are not limited to our parishes. If anyone wants to join this ministry they are most certainly welcome. All parishioners can support this ministry by offering prayers for the recipients and the volunteers or donating yarn, needles, crochet hooks, patterns or monetary donations.

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